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How does MyVIPSavings work?
MyVIPSavings has partnered with over 2,500+ popular online retailers to bring you the latest online coupons, sales, and promotions they currently have to offer. These stores in turn pay fees for sending shoppers to them which is what creates your Cash Rebate.

How do I sign up?
Joining MyVIPSavings is always free. Users only need an email address to start saving and earning Cash Rebate on all their online shopping. Sign up here! You must support one of our worthy causes in order to experience the savings found with MyVIPSavings. If you have not been contacted by one of our valuable fundraisers, please contact MyVIPSavings (contact us) so that one can be selected.

How much do I get back on each purchase?

How do I earn points for Shopping?
To earn your Cash Rebate, log into your account, click one of our merchants links or the SHOP NOW button. You will be taken directly to the merchants website. Immediately after that, make a purchase on their website as you normally would do if you went directly there. We will track your steps along the way, and credit your Cash Rebate when we receive it from the merchant.

What is MyVIPSavings mission?
We don't want you to ever pay full retail price for anything online, ever. We strive to be the very best online resource for coupons, savings and promotions.

How does MyVIPSavings pay me?
By check, be sure to complete your profile so we can pay you.

When do I get paid?

When do I get my points?
We pay you monthly; you may request for a payment after you reach $15 in Cash Rebate rewards. We make payments on the 12th of each month.
The Audience Rewards Mall will deposit your points automatically, every month once your earned balance from online shopping exceeds 2,000 points. Point transfer will take place on the 12th of each month that you qualify. account page by the end of each month that you qualify.

What are some MyVIPSavings Features?
Online Coupons - Every day in the mall you have access to between 1,200 - 1,500 special offers from the stores competing for your business. You will find these under the Great Deals, Hot Deals or Featured Stores on the Home page or in the Hot Deals or Promo Codes section of the site.

Printable Coupons - we have robust links to many grocery and drug store coupons that consumers can print and take to their favorite stores. Coupons are updated frequently, but supplies are limited.